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Windows 10 exceeds even 7 adoption rate, may soon overtake Windows 8 market share

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The numbers are in, and it looks as though Microsoft’s strategy of releasing a quality OS free of charge has paid off.

According to figures tracked by NetMarketShare, charted below by Statista, Windows 10 is succeeding on a number of levels.

The primary metric is that at this point in its lifespan, Windows 10 has seen more adoption (at 6.6 per cent of global market share) than Windows 7 and 8 did at around the same moment following their release in 2009 and 2012. Their figures clock in at 5.8 per cent and a measly 1.7 per cent respectively.

Infographic: Windows 10 Sees Faster Adoption Than Its Predecessors | Statista

To put this figure into perspective, Windows 7 currently sits at 56.53 per cent of the global market share among operating systems, way ahead of its closest competitor, Windows XP, at 12.21 per cent.

At 6.6 per cent of global market share, Windows 10 is even starting to gain on Windows 8, which currently sits at third place with 10.7 per cent, even though Windows 10 is just over two months old.

Perhaps also noteworthy is that Windows 10 has surpassed the latest version of Mac OS X, which sits at 4.9 per cent. At least in the desktop space, Windows is winning the OS race.