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Channel reacts to Harper majority win

Many solution providers are awaiting the corporate tax cuts

Apple releases Thunderbolt-equipped iMac line

New models are powered by the next generation of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors

VMware causes second outage while recovering from first

VMware's new Cloud Foundry beta service suffered downtime over the course of two days last week

RIM’s Blackberry fights for relevance

RIM refreshes the Bold smartphone and unveils the Blackberry 7 OS and a couple of key apps for the Playbook

US court approves Google’s $900M bid for Nortel patents

Google's bid will set the minimum price for an auction of the patent portfolio scheduled for June 20

Future of the telco – marginalization or reinvention?

IDC analyst Rosalie Nelson ponders how today's market leaders will sustain their business models

Acer Iconia 6120

Acer did an OK job with touch features, but replacing the laptop's lower deck with a full-size touchscreen a poor trade-off

A new 3D camera from Sony

Plus, D-Link shares its Q1 earnings and cloud use cases

Cisco to Fast Track cash back to solution providers

New promo gives partners a change to get core networking products for free

Lenovo to enter retail market in Canada

Computer maker also develops a new branding and marketing campaign

Microsoft looks to lure iPhone app developers to Windows Phone

API mapping tool offers porting assistance in moving apps from iOS to Microsoft's mobile platform

SAP won’t pay $1.3B to Oracle until case is over

The judge says SAP doesn't have to pay until its post-trial motions have been heard

Amazon cloud outage was triggered by configuration error

Company's postmortem and apology wins praise for transparency

Osama bin Laden’s death key topic on Internet

A Twitter user unknowingly live blogged signs of the attack, and cybercrooks are riding the news to spread malware

Avoid these five common Web site mistakes

Many common Web site practices can invite legal problems

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