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Five steps to reduce the cost of IT

Communications and technology as an enabler for cost reduction

India is losing its share of offshoring market, says Gartner

Customers are increasingly looking at alternative locations, the research firm said

Video: Special Interview with Jim Estill, Part One

Outgoing Synnex Canada CEO reveals some of the reasons why he made this move

Oracle purchases Sun Microsystems for US$7.4 billion

Paying US$9.50/share for Sun, the deal moves Oracle into the hardware arena

Cloud computing in the enterprise

Plus, the gaming industry and Google's Q1 revenue results

Sage launches online community for first-time entrepreneurs

Global initiative kicks off in North America and will branch out worldwide at a later date

HP Mini Netbook is mighty

This product ultra mobile and can be a companion option for power notebook users

Sun may still be open to an IBM bid

Sun said to be willing to consider a deal if Big Blue 'makes stronger commitment to complete' the deal

E-mail archiving can add incremental revenue for partners

Mimosa Systems wants the channel to help it grow its e-mail file and archiving business in Canada

Samsung, Dell provide data encryption for SSDs

Dell said it would offer the self-encrypting Samsung SSDs with its Latitude line of laptops in the upcoming monthsrnrn

Researcher offers tool to hide malware in .Net

.Net-sploit can hide rootkits in a framework untouched by security software, where they can affect many applications rnrn

The Pirate Bay four found guilty

The court has sentenced them to a year in prison and ordered them to pay damages of 30 million Swedish kronorrnrn

The five greatest hoax Web sites of all time

Rumour & Humour: the 404 error message from hell and the end of the Internet scam plus more

Thoughts on the Symantec Protection Network offering

Plus, worldwide PC sales and Apple's PC market share results

Cisco, NetApp join up on Unified Computing System

The two companies are launching a partnership that fills a key piece of Cisco's Unified Computing System: storage

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