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Cisco broadens virtualization solutions for service providers

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Networking vendor Cisco Systems has expanded its portfolio of virtualization offerings for service providers by introducing the Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP).

According to Cisco, with the rapidly increasing number of people, devices, machines and sensors coming onto the network – a phenomenon Cisco had chosen to brand the Internet of Everything – service providers need new tools to help them deliver value-added, cloud-based services and applications.

Cisco ESP is a unified virtualization and orchestration software platform that creates, automates and provisions services in real time, across compute, storage and network functions, to deliver applications running across multiple domains. By residing between the application and Cisco EPN layers of the architecture, Cisco said it allows service providers to deliver the right experience for each customer no matter how they connect to the network.

“Service providers success is dependent on providing a consistent experience, agility to roll out new services and the ease at which these services can be ordered, automated, managed and delivered,” said Pankaj Patel, executive vice-president and chief development officer at Cisco, in a statement. “Service providers globally view virtualization not just to reduce costs but to have it work with their infrastructure to provide even greater value by means of increased agility and elasticity. As the industry leader in networking, we are not only committed to but executing on our strategy to enable our customers through this transition.”

Cisco also launched two virtual service modules and four ways for service providers to acquire and deploy them. The first module, the Cisco Videoscape Cloud DVR solution, focuses on cloud-driven video recording, and the second, Cisco Virtualized Mobile Internet, creates new revenue opportunities for service providers around delivery of sponsored data.

Business transformation solutions will be available to service providers from Cisco in four ways: Virtual Functions, Orchestrated, Pod and As a Service.