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Cogeco Data Services to focus on business transformation

Managed Services & Outsourcing

Cogeco Data Services have released a single point ICT solution targeted at CIOs.

The strategy behind the release is based on the growing trend for business transformation. Cogeco believes CIOs are trying to reduce IT complexity and create transformational value for their organizations. This new offering combines Cogeco Data Services’ data centre, managed IT, cloud and connectivity services.

Mark Schrutt, Director, Services and Enterprises, IDC, a global research firm, reported that IT departments face continued pressure to drive innovation and create value while maintaining secure management of company information. The consumerization of IT has resulted in a huge influx of shadow IT users (individuals that acquire and manage technology outside the IT department) and, easy access to cloud computing solutions, have played a large role in this trend.

IDC research also indicates that 25 per cent of technology purchases are completed outside of the IT department and that 60 per cent of Canadian businesses believe that cloud computing will be critical to their success. Progressive CIOs understand the value in embracing this change to better meet the requirements of the business.