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Managed security offering from Sophos protects Mac, Windows systems

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For many organizations protecting Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile devices means using different solutions for each system. Needless to say, this also means additional training, separate management tools and reporting systems for IT personnel to master.

Security firm Sophos recently released the latest version of its Sophos Cloud endpoint, mobile and Web control solution which is able to managed multiple operating systems. The company claims it is the only cloud-managed security service aimed at small and medium-sized organizations that can manage Windows, Mac and mobile devices from a single console.

“Sophos Cloud is a differentiated offering that enables IT professionals to simplify security management without compromising users’ demand for usability and performance,” said Bill Lucchini, vice –president of Sophos Cloud, in a statement.

The solution features user-based management, reporting, licensing and policy-based Web controls, which enable IT managers to set rules and enhance security and compliance. Sophos Cloud also has Active Directory synchronization, which makes deployment and management for users and groups simpler. A centralized console dashboard allows administrators to track and control customers’ subscriptions and policies remotely.

According to IDC, one third of small business and nearly three fourths of mid-sized companies are using cloud-based tools in one form or another and cloud adoption continues to grow.

Tools such as Sophos Cloud are “especially important” given the diversity of systems now used in many mid-sized firms, according to Raymond Boggs, research vice-president at IDC.

The solution’s “user-based management system is well suited to SMBs looking to secure users of corporate devices or their own BYOD equipment,” said Boggs. “Sophos Cloud will be a useful resource for channel partners to leverage in helping support the resource-limited IT teams for their SMB customers.”