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MNP LLP shining bright as a rising star in the channel

[Left to right] Eugene Ng of MNP LLP, Jas Sahota of HPE Canada

It’s not every year a solution provider jumps nearly 40 rankings in the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers list, but MNP LLP did just that.

MNP LLP increased its profile following last year’s gala with the acquisition of a veteran of the CDN Top 100 NCI. This acquisition shot MNP LLP forward 39 spots in our rankings to hold down the number 23 spot. And with other recently acquired firms, the company is poised to rise even higher.

Eugene Ng, the eastern Canada lead of cybersecurity at MNP LLP, was on hand at the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers Gala to accept the award for Fastest Rising Star. Ng came over to MNP LLP as part of the NCI acquisition. CDN sat down with him after the show.

“[Winning this award] means we are doing something right, we’re looking at the market in the right way. Making strategic acquisitions. It still means we have a long way to go, there are a lot of people ahead of us. But it’s great, it’s great to be recognized,” Ng said.

Moving forward, the future of MNP LLP is all about growth. After making various acquisitions in the past year, the company is now completing its merge into one formidable being, and looking outwards now to expand.

“We’ve got a nice balance between the internal and customer development that we need for our clients, and the ability to sell solutions to our clients. Merging those two things together has really helped us,” said Ng.

With MNP LLP synced up and ready to go, the next step is combining all of its technology services under one umbrella and pushing outwards. With a unified front, the company can thrive as it expands throughout Canada and continue to push past that number 23 ranking.

“[In 2017] we want to see continued growth, and really grow nationally. We have really strong pockets across the country.”

The list of 100 of the best IT solution providers was released this week at a gala awards ceremony attended by more than 200 channel partners from across the country. You can read the full Top 100 Solution Provider Rankings here.