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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Samsung's latest 7-in. tablet is a pretty good device at a really good price -- but before you buy, there are a few things you should know

Cisco overhauls channel programs; targets cloud, mobility and video

Networking giant also changes its channel philosophy for the future

Ontario is about to go big on IT outsourcing

The Province looking for one integrator to be sole supplier of certain IT services and one provider to build a unified communications system

HP promises partners less throat choking after reorganization

Hewlett-Packard executives were out in force at Varnex to discuss merging the printer and PC businesses and plowing the savings into R&D

Windows 8 buyers will pick from four flavours

After years of criticism that the OS came in too many different editions, Microsoft's move should eliminate much of the confusion

Oracle executives think buying Sun was a mistake: HP

Oracle then decided not to support competitor HP's Itanium platform on its software

Citrix releases NetScaler 10

Increasingly enterprises want their data centers to perform like public clouds

Six tips for holding on to your top tech talent

What tech managers can do to hold on to their best employees

GeForce GTX 680 graphics card

Nvidia's new high-end graphics card is the most efficient in its class, and a great buy for serious game enthusiasts

Next Samsung Galaxy smartphone out May 3

The arrival of the Galaxy S III will heat up the battle with Apple, according to analyst

Intel ships new SSD 330 series

Buyers will still have to revert to SSD 320 for higher-capacity drives, which work with a slower throughput interface

Six dirty IT jobs: Grime and punishment

Flame wars, leakage, nasty Polish texting -- six tales of dirty duty in IT

New software uncovers iOS, Android app problems

The cumbersomely named Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence (MFPI) uncovers bottlenecks, glitches, and a whole lot of other pain points

Is Apple destroying the Internet?

Google's Brin is not the first to cry foul about Apple's control over what programs can be run on its iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad

OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office apps on your iPad

With OnLive Desktop, you can run Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel, that normally wouldn't work on an iPad

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