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Is Apple destroying the Internet?

Google's Brin is not the first to cry foul about Apple's control over what programs can be run on its iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad

OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office apps on your iPad

With OnLive Desktop, you can run Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel, that normally wouldn't work on an iPad

The feds have an “action plan” for open government

The Harper government will direct bureaucrats to think of disclosing information by default. To keep track of everything, it will create a hosted government-wide records database

Microsoft: We’re not late to virtualization, we just don’t brag about it

Synnex kicks off the Varnex Spring Conference touting the benefits of membership and its plans for growth

Hosted VoIP gains ground

Plus, what happened at RIM before Jim Balsillie's departure? Plus, why one hacker was sentenced to 32 months in jail

All about the SMB: What to watch for at Cisco Partner Summit 2012

New Partner Led strategy has the channel and Cisco delivering future proofing concepts

IBM buys Toronto-based analytics software vendor

IBM will add Varicent's business intelligence software to its considerable portfolio of analysis packages

Apple under fire for backing off IPv6 support

Presenters at the North American IPv6 Summit expressed annoyance that the latest version of Apple's AirPort Utility is no longer compatible with IPv6

VMware fires broadside at open source cloud vendors

The vendor seemingly takes some jabs at open source cloud platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus

Four new IT outsourcing pricing models gaining popularity

As customers expect more value from their IT service providers, several new pricing models have emerged

Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years

Plus, what's driving demand for 2.5-in. hard drives? And, are Gartner's tablet predictions on target?

Dell Latitude XT3 convertible laptop

The pricey and heavy XT3 rugged laptop fits best in select corporate markets

Intel’s first server chips with 3D transistors coming this quarter

Intel's first Xeon chips based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will be targeted at microservers

Instead of turning the lights off on XP, Microsoft should make it open source

Part of Microsoft's great responsibility is supporting the products it sells, but that responsibility apparently has limits

New Sony CEO vows return to prominence

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai outlined his turnaround for the company, with a focus on its core consumer electronics division

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