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Intel announces new server motherboards, business continuity suite

After promising more hardware options and software for business continuity last year, the company announces it has delivered on its EPSD 3.0 commitment

Apple to issue dividend from its substantial cash reserves

Apple wants to attract new investors with dividends of US$2.65 for every shareholder per quarter

Gamification driving corporate sustainability initiatives

Tapping into social, mobile and gaming trends could help businesses respond to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme

Should the Internet be controlled?

Toronto conference discusses Internet control and if who should be responsible for cyberspace

Is Google facing the beginning of the end?

I see the repeat of catastrophic mistakes made by IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun and Yahoo

Microsoft readies Dynamics ERP on the Azure cloud

But the company is still ironing out pricing and subscription details, which won't be discussed at Convergence

How to get a hot job in big data

The big data revolution is creating a new breed of business-IT jobs -- and threatening to destabilize dyed-in-the-wool IT careers

HP Omni 220 Quad

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Omni line of all in one PCs is known for its speediness

Symantec changes its channel chief

Randy Cochran is out as Channel Chief and John Eldh is in

Ten apps every iPad user should own

Newly minted iPad owners out there are looking for which apps to download first

Google’s St. Patrick’s Day doodle skips the shamrocks

The Book of Kells inspired this year's artist -- and Google renews its invitation to students to submit their own doodles for future use

Big snag in Megaupload case

Wrong paperwork used to seize Megaupload property, judge says

Latest iPad model is jailbroken

The third-generation iPad will run unauthorized applications if it is modified

Apple faithful join long lines for new iPad 3

Preorders sold out and online orders now need weeks to fill, but the company made sure some were available for launch day

IBM battles dire mainframe myths

IBM's mainframe expert argues conventional wisdom on big iron is plagued by several myths

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