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The world’s coolest data centres

Learn about the world's coolest data centers Data centres need to be secure, temperature controlled, spacious, redundant, reliable - nothing sexy. But that doesn't mean...

7 Cool and Crazy Computer Workspaces

For most of us, creating an ideal workstation is a matter of optimizing our desks for ergonomics and productivity. For some people, though, it's...

Google’s Graveyard: 15 products Google has killed

Missing your favorite Google app? Here are 15 products that Google has killed or has announced plans to kill. Just before the July 4th holiday,...

Hottest tablets for your holiday wishlist

Big tablets, small tablets. Short tablets, tall tablets. Wi-Fi tablets. Cellular tablets. Gift-givers will find no shortage of tablet PCs to choose from this holiday...

Meet five Canadians who should be on HP’s CEO short list

Five Canadians that should be in the running With the resignation of Mark Hurd as CEO of Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ), speculation is rampant as...

RIM hires Goldman Sachs? Sell-off likely

Plus, India threatens to block Web giants. And, great Linux desktop features

Five useful laptop accessories spotted at CES 2012

Road warriors can find handy add-ons ranging from bags with built-in chargers to docking stations and tiny mice (or anti-mice)

Android device makers chase Apple with cloud strategies

Acer and Lenovo lay out cloud strategies for their Android devices and Windows PCs at CES

How to get the most out of IT conferences

What does it really take to turn conference attendance into a career-enhancing opportunity?

Buyers hang on for cheaper, faster Windows 8 ultrabooks

CES attendees will wait for the next wave of ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge processors, which could come out by mid-year

First iPad 3 units ‘to be shipped in March 2012’

Foxconn and Pegatron will supply the units to Apple in early March, report claims

Looks like October for Windows 8 general release

One exec offered a strong hint about the release

Nortel executives lied about financials, says prosecutor

In a pre-trial outline of his case, the prosecution reduces the charges against three officials, but says

Top channel priorities for 2012

CDN along with Ingram Micro Canada polled solution providers to find out the top priorities for 2012

Stuntmen, 8-track collectors and others check out gadgets at CES

CES attracts all kinds of gadget lovers, not just people sent to the conference by employers

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