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Keys to a successful unified communications project

Plan before buying technology, cultivate the luddites on your staff and once unified communications is entrenched make sure your staff isn't quietly working in India

No iPhone 5 this year, Chinese supplier says

As more claimed iPhone 4S parts emerge

Five secrets to building a great security team

Here are five teambuilding lessons from Caterpillar's security organization

Intuit QuickBooks 2012

Intuit's accounting software beefs up reports, adds a sales-lead tool, and introduces batch invoicing and timesheets

HP webOS development effort unfazed by layoffs

Plus, channel opportunities with Symantec and does Motorola have a 7-inch tablet in the works?

Google wallet mobile payments: What it means for the channel

Google Wallet is also expected to be available only to Android users, at first

Developers see bright future in Windows 8

Microsoft's emphasis on touch cited as new opportunity for developers looking to target tablets in the post-PC era

Intel boosts laptop battery, graphics with Ivy Bridge

Intel's Ivy Bridge chips, due in the first half next year, offer double the performance-per-watt than Sandy Bridge

Metro apps to be sold only from Microsoft’s app store

Company reveals 70 per cent-30 per cent revenue split with developers, then scratches info from online doc

Windows 8 to get important security tweaks

'Secured boot' the biggest new protection

Investors punish RIM stock after Q2 report

After profits and PlayBook shipments failed to meet analyst expectations, RIM shares were sold off in big numbers on Friday. Plus, some perspective from Scotia Capital analyst Gus Papageorgiou

Cinemas will die out and museums will have to evolve

It's just a matter of time before cinemas start dying off and online video streaming services such as Netflix become the primary film distribution mechanism in the U.S.

Dell chief: PC market ‘still matters’, despite difficulties ahead

Plus, Gmail overtaking Microsoft in enterprise cloud e-mail and how Windows 8 might make IT lives easier

3D laptops: Asus G74sx vs. Toshiba Qosmio X775

These aren't systems meant for those who are looking to watch the occasional YouTube video

RIM’s PlayBook shipments drop in half

The company continues to struggle, with its tablet sales dropping off and revenue continuing to sink

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