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3D laptops: Asus G74sx vs. Toshiba Qosmio X775

These aren't systems meant for those who are looking to watch the occasional YouTube video

RIM’s PlayBook shipments drop in half

The company continues to struggle, with its tablet sales dropping off and revenue continuing to sink

MasterCard gives sneak peek into mobile payments future

The availability of Google Wallet will be announced within weeks

Intel attracts criticism on ultrabook pricing strategy

At $1,000, ultrabooks are overpriced for a slumping PC market, attendees say

How to save energy with cloud computing

Is cloud is hype or reality? How do you define cloud computing?

Windows Server 8

Windows 8 on the server is just as radical a change as the client is on PCs

Avnet launches data centre training for partners

The company's Data Centre University, along with tailored workshops, is part of its plan to enhance its partners strategic competencies

Cisco invests $75 million into Partner Led channel strategy

Despite cutbacks at the company, Cisco says investment in its channel is still crucial

Acer restructure continues as another honcho heads out

Plus, Ballmer's "reimagining" of Microsoft and a new CRM play for small businesses

How to build a turnkey private and hybrid cloud

Here are three essential elements that should constitute any turnkey private and/or hybrid cloud solution

SAP pays $20M to settle criminal charges in Oracle case

SAP pleads guilty to unauthorized computer access and IP theft charges

Intel announces new 710 series enterprise SSDs

The 710 series SSDs have 30 times more endurance than their predecessors, the X-25E SSDs

Google acquires over 1,000 IBM patents

Google said in April that a formidable patent portfolio is a defense against litigation

Telecom provider changes stripes to be a tech innovator?

AT&T opens up a Foundry collaboration center to speed new IT solutions to market

Samsung 700T Windows 8 developer preview PC

The first Windows 8 tablet arrives, at least for developers. What can we learn from it?

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