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Apple ‘owns’ tablet supply chain, others can’t compete

Apple has exclusive rights to the best technology when building the iPad

Microsoft readies app submission process for Mango

Microsoft will tell Windows Phone 7 app developers how to submit apps compatible with the Mango update later on Tuesday

China overtakes U.S. in PC sales earlier than expected

Sales and shipments of PCs in China outweighed those in the US in Q2, but the US will be back in the lead in Q4, says IDC

Staples: 1 in 3 people use tablets while in the bathroom

Plus, why $99 still doesn't make the TouchPad worth it and Google+ verification coming

Microsoft to co-develop cloud products with Chinese vendor

The agreement could help Microsoft sell products to Chinese government agencies

HP single-handedly destroys non-iPad tablet market

Plus, Microsoft capitalizes on webOS' downfall and Google Apps admin tools in the channel

Internet restored in Tripoli as rebels take control

The country will also soon integrate the rebel mobile networks with the network in Tripoli

Cisco announces plan to buy Axioss management software

The networking vendor hopes to help operators launch new cloud services faster

Computing finally cracked the Zettabyte barrier

Staying afloat in a rising sea of data as storage more than doubles every year with no end in sight

Vendors as partners

Ken Piddington, CIO of Global Partners LP, outlines his innovative vendor partnership program

NetEnrich relaunches SMB management package through Ingram Micro

The company has repackages its small business services package with better pricing based on partner feedback

Palo Alto PA-5060

It's still one of the few firewalls with true application-layer inspection capabilities

Channel community sticking with HP’s PSG. For now

While the personal systems group has always been its own business within HP, dumping WebOS is taking the channel by surprise

What 3D printing means for “traditional” resellers

While hype around the technology has been increasing over the last year, 3D printing still might not be the right market for traditional VARs

Who the hell cares about five nines anymore?

Plus, Microsoft attempts to explain its outage and the high tech patent wars

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