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Who the hell cares about five nines anymore?

Plus, Microsoft attempts to explain its outage and the high tech patent wars

BlackBerry Bold 9930

New features aren't enough to sway Android and iPhone owners--especially at such a high price

Microsoft confirms app store in Windows 8

Repeats 2008-09 strategy of dribbling out details, lists 'App Store' as one of 35 teams working on new OS

RIM planning a music service on BlackBerry

The music service will be offered as part of BlackBerry Messenger

Navantis co-founder steps down

Jason Martin resigns as president of Navantis

Green4Good to aid African charity

Compugen's environmental program goes international

Collar bomber collared thanks to meta data gaffe

The man who said he had fixed a bomb around a girl's neck handed his name to police ... on a flash drive

Lenovo’s net profit nearly doubles

Lenovo became the third largest PC maker in the quarter ended June 30

Report: Best Buy tells HP to take back its TouchPads

Plus, an Office 365 outage and Nokia's CEO on the future of Android

Cisco pumps $455 million into Ontario R&D

CEO John Chambers and Trade Minister Sandra Pupatello sign a memorandum of understanding for a five-year deal. The province will add $25 million to Cisco's $455 million investment in Ontario research facilities

Outsourced and fired, these IT workers fight back

A group of California IT workers fight back after losing their jobs to outsourcing

Dancing on the glass ceiling

At CDN's first-ever luncheon dedicated to women in the IT channel, more than 100 people came together to discuss how to bring more young women into the industry

Sorry Angry Birds, texting still the most popular smartphone app

Report: 92 per cent of smartphone users send or receive text messages on their devices

Dell desktop, storage revenue drops in Q2

However, Dell reports strong profit growth in the second quarter

Dell starts shifting away from consumer tech to enterprise focus

Plus, LTE iPhone rumours and Microsoft telling BPOS customers to slow down

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