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Why Twitter is obsolete, and Google+ is the murder weapon

Is Google+ set to out-Twitter Twitter?

First Windows “Mango” Phone unveiled

The phone, launched in Tokyo, is the first of several due in the coming months

Internet as hard to give up as cigarettes, liquor, study says

Losing 'Net access even for a day described as 'nightmare'

Glenn Beck compares Angry Birds to Nazi Germany

Beck reveals why the Angry Birds are angry: Socialist pigs are stealing their eggs. He then compares the game to Nazi Germany

SAP tying analytics to Google Maps, Earth

A new deal with Google could give SAP users an alternative to traditional GIS systems

Online education is gaining credibility, says study

The DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary released a survey that found most Calgarians think online education is not only viable, it's valuable

Mac OS X Lion, more than multitouch

Apple's new OS for the App Store era borrows iPad usability tweaks while delivering key new features for businesses and professionals

Memo to RIM: the BlackBerry era has ended; make a Bold move

Plus, anger over Android and Intel's direction for its board

Mainframe servers: not just for big business

IBM has launched the z114, its mainfame server for mid-market customers sold through the channel

Mozilla to build mobile OS for the Web

The project, called Boot to Gecko, will use some code from Android

Complaints mount over Google+ account deletions

Google is closing Google+ accounts if it believes people aren't using their real names

RIM layoffs don’t address Apple, Google competition: analysts

Co-CEO structure remains in place but is being examined

Intel ships low-voltage Celeron processors

Intel ships new 17-watt Celeron processors for budget laptops

SAP users not readily adopting BusinessObjects, user group finds

But adoption of SAP ERP 6.0 is high

Hands on with Adobe InDesign CS5.5

Now is a good time to upgrade if you want to produce ePubs and iPad apps

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