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Microsoft’s top four Windows Phone 7 priorities

Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's revamped answer to the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry, is exected to be front and centre at MIX10

Cisco boss John Chambers wasn’t looking to compete with HP, IBM

As Cisco moves beyond switches, gateways and routers, Cisco's CEO outlines the competitive strategy

IT risks, wariness and planned obsolescence

I've watched the market fill with other devices that seem to be designed with planned obsolescence in mind

Toshiba set to launch a line of tablet PCs

Plus, AMD's upcoming Fusion CPU/GPU hybrid chip and will Cisco launch new Flip cameras?

Extreme Makeover: Windows 7 School Edition. How a dad overhauled the IT network at son’s school

How an IT consultant overhauled the IT network at his son's school, with a little help from Microsoft and Windows 7

Targus Canada gets a new boss after 20 years

Toshiba executive replaces a pioneer in the IT industry in Canada

Apple iPad goes on pre-sale this morning

Want an iPad? Now's your chance to place an order

Google Apps needs more Canadian cloud computing resellers

Google Apps executive says the one-year-old program now needs more Canadian resellers

Apple plugs 16 holes in Safari as Pwn2Own looms

Browser expected to fall first in hacking contest gets fixes for critical flaws

CA buying Nimsoft to further cloud computing ambitions

Deal will give CA more tools to help customers manage cloud computing environments and cloud services

Dell’s Inspiron 15 (1564) laptop

There's no denying that the 1564 has a lot of power but needs more ports

Stock market milestone offer lessons for tech investors

Tech investors can learn from the 10-year anniversary of the Nasdaq's high point and the anniversary of its lowest point since the bust

Microsoft channel chief outlines new cloud direction

Bing to be a big part of Microsoft's All-in cloud program

Toronto’s i4i wins again in Microsoft Word patent case

The judges expanded on why they agree that Microsoft willfully infringed the patents

HSBC: Data theft incident broader than first thought

The bank now alleges details of 15,000 accounts were stolen, but says the records can't be used to access the accounts

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