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CompuCom acquires Getronics’ North American operations

Nationwide reseller completes buy of the one time Wang Laboratories

New Avnet boss is driving a vertical solutions focus

Reflecting on his first 100 days, Avnet's Jeff Bawol says Canadian partners are better positioned to succeed in server virtualization

SSDs are hot, but not without security risks

Solid-state drives offer more data security than traditional hard drives, but experts caution that they may be prone to hacks and data erasing issues

Vista users rush for SP1, XP owners dawdle on SP3

Windows XP users were generally happy with SP2, Windows performance and metrics researcher, Devil Mountain Software says

Asustek turns to Celerons amid Atom shortage

Intel CEO says Atom shortage is due to chip supply chain problems and strong demand

Dell gains, Sun loses in worldwide server market

Nudging Sun out of third place, Dell now holds the spot

What’s the deal with Vista? Ask Jerry Seinfeld

Plus, spending Novell's Microsoft millions and a victory for fair use in copyright law

Tim Hortons coffee locator comes to the iPhone

Coffee addicts with an iPhone need never suffer Timmy's withdrawl again

Palm unwraps the unlocked 3G Treo Pro smart phone

The unlocked Windows Mobile smart phone is aimed directly at enterprise users

More cores, bigger cache give boost to Intel’s Dunnington

More cores and a bigger cache should give Dunnington a boost over Intel's current Xeon processors

Sun taps partners for revamped go to market strategy

The vendor wants a US$10 billion business and is asking partners to find more business down market, to reinvest, and to commit to Sun

Intel shows off solid-state drive road map

The vendor will produce SSDs that system builders can easily slide into current laptop and desktop designs

D-Link to augment channel plans with Tidd on board

As the new North American channel chief and Canadian GM, Nick Tidd has some challenges ahead making D-Link a channel player

Avnet loses a Citrix but gains a Sun

Sun is looking to grow its virtualization business through the channel, an area Avnet has lots of time to focus on after being dropped by Citrix

Why fly the friendly skies? Why not WiFi?

Plus, privacy in the digital era and keeping customers loyal

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