Linux: ready for prime time?

In mission-critical environments where support is not readily available, Linux is a great choice. But despite its many charms on the server side, Linux may not be the desktop OS of choice.rn

Apple seeks VARs for enterprise market

Apple's plans to recruit new VARs and build its reseller channel in a bid to pump up sales of its Xserve, Xserve RAID, and...

Memory makers

Montreal-based memory distributors have cornered the upgrade market in Canadarn

At your service

The Web services hype is ahead of its capabilities, but over the next 12 to 18 months you will see more extranet and business-to-business implementations of the technologyrn

Serial ATA supplants parallel ATA: industry

Serial ATA proponents come out swingin' with a host of gearrn

Hip to be J-Squared

AMD rep J-Squared may have an odd name, but its technical edge is noticeablern

Novell updates Clear Channel with PartnerNet

Novell's historic Clear Channel initiative celebrated its one-year anniversary by announcing an additional component called PartnerNet.the PartnerNet program for 2003 will focus on increasing...

Nick Tidd, President of 3Com Canada

The boss turned the struggling networking player around in 2002 with a major restructuring and focus on go-to-market strategies with the channel. A partnership with Citel Technologies also helped spread its products into areas once dominated by Nortel.rn

A decisive software move

Decision Software offers resellers a complete solution for running business

Partners sharing more of EMC sales

Increasing emphasis on mid-size accounts has benefited resellers, but partnership with Dell Computer could be a challenge

AT&T takes price cap issue to Cabinet

Government must recognize competitiveness, CLEC says

Cattle enter the digital age with mandatory identification tags

Geoffrey Downey As accessories go, they aren't much. They come in only a few simple shapes and in colours no one would call trendy. Each...

Corporate Universities

By: Sandra Dillich Being in the workforce full time no longer means leaving school behind. Many companies are now engaging their employees in one form...

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