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D&H Canada to carry Intel’s full portfolio of products and solutions


A number of Intel Corp. products, including its line of micro desktops, are now being carried by D&H Canada, the distributor announced yesterday.

In addition to the NUC small-format PCs, D&H Canada will also have access to Intel’s high capacity SSD drives, in-demand server solutions, and performance-enhancing processors. In a Jan. 2 press release, D&H Canada said the portfolio of Intel products “mirrors the distributor’s robust Intel line card in the U.S.”

When asked for the complete Canadian portfolio, a spokesperson for D&H Canada said in an email that the portfolios for both countries are extensive and “basically the same,” but that “there are certain products that are more difficult to source in both countries. For example, there may be certain processors that are not going to be available from Intel through D&H, but that will apply to both the US and Canada.”

The distributor will also have access to Intel’s Technology Provider program (ITP), which includes a series of sales training courses, exclusive promotions to boost margins, as well as reward incentives, including incremental ITP points.

Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada, called the news a “spectacular development” for the Canadian business.

“We’re committed to offering the most efficient, ground-breaking products that will help keep our SMB customers competitive, even against larger tier VARs. Welcoming Intel into the fold helps to fulfill that directive. We look forward to building a relationship with Intel in Canada, where D&H is committed to the SMB segment,” he said.

D&H has built a strong presence in the Canadian channel, according to Lucas Martinez, large account reseller distribution manager at Intel.

“They’ve excelled despite challenging market conditions this past decade, proving their ability to drive sales and deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions to the reseller community, bolstered by superior support,” he said. “We’re confident that D&H will put similar efforts behind Intel’s premium technologies.”

Additionally, D&H’s customers will have access to its existing series of on-demand Solutions Lab presentations on Intel technology, with new sessions in development.