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D&H Canada’s focus on SMBs helping spur double-digit growth

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Canada consists of a small population spread out across a vast geography, something that is reflected in its business landscape as well. Close to 98 per cent of companies in Canada fall under the small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) category, an area in which D&H Canada specializes and excels.

As one of Canada’s biggest technology distributors, D&H offers end-to-end IT products and service solutions like computers, home entertainment systems, security, and education electronics to resellers, retailers, and other clients.

In 2017, the company recorded a 17 per cent growth and Canadian general manager Greg Tobin expects this to continue in 2018.

“We accomplish double digit growth in 2017 thanks to our incredible level of service, which has clearly translated to an increased value proposition, and we’re elated,” Tobin tells CDN. “We have nothing to suggest 2018 numbers will differ by much, so we’re definitely expecting double digits again this year.”

Tobin got his start in the channel in 1995 and joined D&H in 2006 before starting its Canadian division in 2007. After spending years focused on finance, operations, sales, marketing, and customer relations in the channel, the University of Western Ontario and York University Business School graduate knew right away that the SMB market was one he could be successful in.

“With the experience that I had running different businesses and working on acquisitions, it seemed like a natural thing for me to help start up D&H Canada. To say that it’s been an explosive journey would be probably an understatement. The acceptance that we got right away in Canada was overwhelming,” he points out. “Our major focus quickly became SMBs, and while other distributors say they support this community, the proof is in the pudding.”

Where other distributors find it difficult to offer credit to SMBs, Tobin says D&H Canada offers programs where it’s able to “underwrite additional credit capacity” for SMB customers. Its salesforce markets “aggressively” to SMBs and offers them solutions on how they can use that credit, which is one of the major reasons for D&H’s growth.

“Our programs let smaller partners lean on us so they can grow into a higher-tiered resource than they were before. We offer things like additional credits and partner portals where our customers can download whitepapers or brochures, slap their own name on them, and use them with their own clients,” the executive continues. “We’re heavily focused on customer success. Our motto is ‘every customer, regardless of size, gets a dedicated sales representative’. And it’s worked – our average customer tenure is over nine years.”

The company’s new fiscal year begins in May, which will see D&H Canada focus on expanding its Western Canada presence, where it launched a new warehouse and sales team this past year, and growing its retail and ecommerce group.