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GreenRack offers hosted mobile brochures

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Brochures, pamphlets and handouts are literally a given in any convention, conference or vendor event. And they’re great because they provide information, are good for brand visibility and they’re often shiny. However, they can cost a lot, a bunch can be quite a handful to lug around a convention floor and nearly 90 per cent of them end up in the waste basket after an event.

Toronto-based solution provider Tenet Computer Group wants to help vendors and enterprise organizations to go paperless and is now offering a cloud-based hosted marketing service called GreenRack. For as low as $495, Tenet hosts a company’s digital content on its servers and makes it available for download on any mobile device via QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) tags.

GreenRack is the ideal marketing tool that vendors can use to give their partners insights to product selections, pricing and promotions,” said Rick Jordan, director of sales for Tenet. “Instead of carrying around several brochures, partners can simply download files onto their smart phones or tablets.”

On their device screens, users will see content such as PDF, PowerPoint presentations and video presented as folders lined up on a “virtual rack.” Users simply click on the document or documents they want to get.

The solution eliminates the need for costly printing, shipping, handling and storage of handout materials and also helps companies reduce their impact on the environment. GreenRack also extends brand’s exposure because the downloaded files can be easily transferred to another device and shared by email or social media, Jordan added.

The service also includes an analytics feature that enables GreenRack customers to find out such things as how many times documents were accessed, what types of devices were used, were the documents printed, were the documents shared via email or social media; and what operating system were readers using.

The basic version of GreenRack costs $495. This covers three months of hosting for up to five documents and two analytics reports (one at the beginning of the campaign and the other at the end).

Microsoft Corp. is among the large companies that has used GreenRack recently for its events. Several distribution and event partners in both Canada and the United States are using GreenRack as well, said Jordan.