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Ingram’s Mark Snider goes on the record

The break of Ingram's tandem GMs was all about maintaining momemtum

Mark Snider may not have had a heads-up about his recent promotion to run the Canadian operation for Ingram Micro, but he wasn’t surprised either.

The subsidiary has been a shining light around the world for Ingram and the decision to end the tandem GMs and have one leader was all about speed of execution.

“Things have gone well and with this what we get out of this change is better speed of execution in a fast paced business. This will be even better than before because we worked well together, but now we have one voice internally and externally,” Snider said.

However, Snider added that his promotion is just a slight organizational change. Charlie Spano always handled the financial and credit departments and that the two ran the subsidiary by consensus. “With consensus you do a lot of back and forth and over time we will work to get that faster with the adoption of this change. Now if there is an opportunity we will move faster instead of waiting for a consensus on things,” Snider said.

Despite the new promotion, the mandate remains the same for Snider and that is to drive the overall momentum especially in areas such as supplies, digital signage and its new ITS division.

One of Ingram’s successes this year was to invest in its credit organizations. This decision enables Ingram Canada to go after deals they analyse the business.

“Initially it looks like a cost but it enabled us to grow our POS business because we saw the right investment. We have not done a lot of acquisitions, we have built it on our own.”

Under Snider’s leadership, he wants to ramp up customer response and to help resellers be more profitable. Snider also wants to enhance Ingram’s SMB Alliance program and grow that VARs base. “Every vendor has an SMB strategy and they want to crack that code so we’ll have it open to all SMB partners,” Snider said.