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Montreal-based contact centre solutions business, Quovim C3, acquires SSA Solutions

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Following several other milestones this past year, Quovim C3, a contact centre solutions business in Montreal, has acquired SSA Solutions.

The company recently announced the acquisition of the nearby workforce management consulting firm, located in the same city, after what the company describes as “substantial” year-over-year growth, additional acquisitions and expansion into the U.S. Quovim C3 signed multiple support agreements with mid-to-large sized U.S. contact centres in 2017.

Pierre Lemoine, co-founder and president of Quovim C3, says they’ve referred to SAA Solutions as an unofficial sister company for a long time now, and have leaned on them several times to enhance their own offerings.

“Now, we can add their expertise in workforce management to our growing product and professional services portfolio, enabling Quovim C3 to provide a comprehensive solution package. In the end, our clients will benefit the most from this acquisition,” he said in a statement.

SAA Solutions’ expertise around the evaluation and implementation of workforce management solutions such as Aspect Software, is another area where Quovim C3 sees value, according to
SSA Solutions’ former president, Isabelle Cote.

“Spearheading the new Quovim C3 workforce management division backed by the entire SSA Solutions team is an opportunity for our two complementary companies to merge unique product knowledge and expertise in a way that clients can turn to one provider to improve their contact center operations and customer experience,” she said.

Quovim C3 will also be adding Aspect Software to its list of offerings, a move which, according to the company, complements their strategy to expand its cloud-based offerings in Canada. David Herzog, Aspect Software’s senior vice-president of worldwide channels, supported the move.

“We welcome this new relationship with Quovim C3 as we view them as important contact center software integrators and service providers,” he said. “Their impressive list of clients across North America and customer-focused approach strategically aligns to our core mission to help companies create better experiences for their customers and the employees who serve them. We look forward to strengthening this partnership in the foreseeable future.”