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Vancouver-based engagement platform provider onboards 4 new partners


Vancouver’s Comm100, a global provider of digital customer engagement solutions, recently announced the extension of its partner network, bringing the total number of partners to six.

Founded in 2009, Comm100 offers a bevy of solutions for contact centres, support, and sales and marketing teams. The Gold Microsoft and Salesforce partner officially entered the channel scene last September with the launch of its partner program, encouraging the small group of partners it onboarded to use its customer communications and analytics capabilities. The four new partners are Worx, Castel, Interprose, and YourChatTeam. YourChatTeam, also based in Vancouver, will be white-labeling Comm100’s platform to deliver 24/7 international support availability to its customers, according to a press release. The other three partners are from the U.S.

Comm100’s partner program has gained a lot of traction since its launch, according to Mike Karr, the company’s partnerships manager.

Infographic courtesy Comm100.

“Since launching in September 2018, our partner program has grown rapidly,” said Karr. “By working with Worx, Interprose, Castel and YourChatTeam, we are further extending our reach and customer experience expertise. These partnerships have enabled us to bring our live chat and bot technology to new industries and markets, creating new opportunities for our program as we move into 2019.”

Those opportunities will likely come from the anticipated surge in automated customer service programs companies are looking to implement with the help of AI. A study published by Juniper Research suggests chatbots could help cut business costs by more than $8 billion by 2022, up from $20 million in 2017.