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Virtual and augmented reality market projections show even enterprise-consumer split [infographic]


Will virtual and augmented reality take off or will it fizzle out, as some fear may be the case for smart watches?

Investment firm Goldman Sachs has released its projections for the market, and the future looks bright – at least for now.

By 2025, the firm expects the industry to be valued at $80 billion, made up of $35 billion in software sales and $45 billion in hardware.

Where it gets interesting is how the use cases break down. Maybe unlike smartwatches, which have largely catered to consumers, Goldman Sachs expects enterprise and consumer adoption to split the market quite evenly.

Of the $35 billion in software sales, $18.9 billion or 54 per cent will be in the consumer space through such uses as video games – by far the largest use case, live events and video entertainment.

Enterprise will see much more diversity with its $16.1 billion or 46 per cent of the pie, with healthcare and engineering dominating, followed by real estate, retail and military.

Check out the infographic below.

Infographic: The Diverse Potential of VR & AR Applications | Statista