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RIM’s rumored breakup is a silly fantasy

RIM committed to company overhaul, as report of Blackberry sell-off surfaces

Hactivists did not cause Twitter outage

UGNazi claimed it took down the site because of its support for CISPA

Nearly half of all enterprise networks will be obsolete within five years

Trends such as BYOD, video and virtualization are shortening network life expectancy

AMD’s chip may add visual appeal to specialty tablets

AMD is targeting the new low-power G-series processor at specific tablets such as bedside monitors or portable store displays

Google set to launch low-price tablet this week

Long-rumored tablet expected to be unveiled this week at Google I/O conference in San Francisco

Microsoft says it has no plans to make smartphones

Contrary to analyst report, tablets are the only new Microsoft-built products coming

Sony and Panasonic team up to mass-produce OLED panels

The Japanese manufacturers said they aim to establish OLED mass-production technology by next year

HDS Canada makes channel enhancements

Storage vendor announces new channel portal

Cisco and Citrix enter joint venture to accelerate the channel

The two companies create joint go-to-market initiative for VXI and XenDesktop solution

Survey reveals tech security generation gap

Analyst questions results that show young tech-savvy users are less concerned with security -- and more prone to breaches -- than older users

RIM’s BB10 inspiring new generation of developers

BlackBerry developer lauds new BlackBerry SDK's ease of use

Yahoo, Facebook said to be in talks to settle patents dispute

Facebook and Yahoo accuse one another of infringing each other's patents

Microsoft may be building own smartphones

Analyst cites sources that say Microsoft may offer own Windows Phone 8-based smartphones as well as Surface tablets

Google’s Larry Page loses voice, will not speak at key events

Page will not be speaking at an upcoming Google developer conference and the company's earnings call next month

Flipboard arrives for Android with Google+ and YouTube

There are also new localized editions of the news aggregation app

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