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How to get more referrals

An interview with Clayton Shold of SalesOpedia

User education key to IT security: Microsoft

The vendor's latest Security Intelligence Report shows fake security software is a rising threat

Samsung Omnia is coming to Canada

New smartphone will work on both EVDO and Wi-Fi networks

Conficker botnet could flood Web with spam

It could send billions of messages daily, says Russian security researcher

Mobile CRM users favour BlackBerry over iPhone: Maximizer

The CRM solution provider has updated its mobile platform to give more information and tools to BlackBerry users

The Palm Pre Touchstone solution

Plus, news on Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 and HP's software as a service strategy

Weekend worms strikes Twitter

Twitter cross-site scripting bugs exploited; 17-year-old owns up to attacks

How to make a botnet out of Skype or Google Voice

A researcher with Secure Science says it could be done, thanks to flaws in both services

Toshiba R600 ultraportable notebook

This netbook is light on your lap, but heavy on the wallet

Twitter in space? NASA shuttle astronaut Twitters about mission training

Crew member tweets about flight simulation, cooking and video taping shuttle landing

Conficker causes rise in hoax security software

Criminals capitalize on worm fears

Jury awards $388 million in Microsoft patent violation case

Microsoft violated a patent used to protect software from unauthorized duplication and use

Gartner: Decline in worldwide semiconductor revenue in 2008

Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled US$255 billion in 2008, down 5.4 per cent

Microsoft’s data centre chief to leave company

Michael Manos, a respected data centre engineer, is leaving to work at Digital Realty Trust

Conflicker 2.0? The threat is back with a P2P makeover

The Wily worm uses P2P for new instructions; other clues link it to Waledec and the Storm worm

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