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With release in sight, Retrospect 8 in public beta

Look for EMC Retrospect 8 for Mac in the first quarter of 2009

Intel to aim for inexpensive ultraportables with new chips

Ultra-low-voltage processors could help Intel compete with AMD in this space

First look: iWork.com

A convenient way to share iWork documents

CES Video: Samsung and LG bring the Web to TV

The latest HDTV offerings from Samsung and LG at CES are bringing the Web to the big screen

Palm’s new smartphone, the Palm Pre

Plus, thoughts on Windows 7 and all-in-one desktops versus netbooks

Slideshow: CDN’s Top 25 Newsmakers of 2008

Meet the CDN team's selections for the Top 25 channel newsmakers of 2008, and let us know how we did

CES: MSI to sell MacBook Air-rival with Intel Pentium chips

MSI will sell a version of its MacBook Air rival with powerful Intel Pentium processors

CES: Dell shows its new ultraslim Adamo laptop

Dell broke its silence on Adamo, showing the ultraslim laptop during a press event at CES

CES: Via displays netbooks, PCs with rival chip to Intel Atom

Via is showing off netbooks and PC systems with the Nano microprocessor, its rival to Intel's Atom

CES: Wireless power vendors looking for partners

2009 should be a big year for products that recharge devices without wires, judging from what's on show at CES

How the channel can make money in the data centre

A Symantec-sponsored study reveals where the channel opportunity in the data centre resides in 2008

Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone: how they stack up

the biggest disappointment with the Palm Pre is the lack of information from Palm about the details

Sony Vaio P: A first look

This netbook scores points on it's insanely small size

Why VoIP is not dead

Plus, Asus' new touch-screen Eee PC and storage growth and concerns

CES Video: Microsoft and Cisco are targeting your home

Digital convergence and the connected home were centre-stage at CES, with Microsoft and Cisco adding details to their consumer strategies

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