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Will Vista sink or swim?

Plus, desktops and kids and mobile phones

Top security providers focus on educating employees

Canadian panel discussion finds business information not being handled appropriately or securely enough

Ingram’s Mark Snider goes on the record

The break of Ingram's tandem GMs was all about maintaining momemtum

How StuffIt stacks up against WinZip

If you're happy with WinZip, StuffIt's extensive options probably aren't enough to lure you

How will we adapt to Unified Communications

A lot of customers are still asking what is unified communications

Microsoft says it offered $9 billion to Yahoo

Microsoft revealed that it offered Yahoo $9 billion as part of recent negotiations

Universal power adapter support on the rise

Westinghouse said on Friday it will use Green Plug's universal power adaptor technology in its future LCDs

Samsung tries to be more nature-friendly

Company looks to corn as an alternative material for products

Nortel turns its back on WiMax

Canadian networking giant looks to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G Wireless option

Sharp to make LCD TVs even bigger

Plus, Microsoft and Yahoo and the deal with promo CDsrnrn

Why more workspace is necessary

Plus, cell phone usage and Dell to offer Windows XP professional even longer

Another edible assault on Microsoft

And, 10 reasons why Microsoft should avoid Yahoo

HTC answers Apple’s iPhone 3G challenge

HTC's Touch Diamond device priced more than $750 to rival iPhone

Acer president is now its CEO

Gianfranco Lanci takes over from J.T. Wang

ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics card for Mac and PC debuts

The graphics processor can crank up to 70 gigabytes per second bandwidth using a 775MHz engine

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