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LANDesk has best client management product

Management Suite offers superb support for diverse platforms as well as quick, accurate and unobtrusive scans

Battery indicator on MacBook Air has some people annoyed

Plus, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, and Windows Vista

At the airport, an ID theft takes flight

A slip here, a slip there, and pretty soon, you've added up a data breach

Three keys to effectively addressing the gray market

An industry group has some tips to assist vendors and partners in addressing gray market issues, and Nortel Networks shares its best practices

Cisco sets last sale date for PIX firewall

PIX appliances are fated for termination

ISSCC : Intel details upgrade to Itanium processor

New 2GHz Tukwila processor to hit the market by this year's end

IBM to combine archiving with data warehousing

Big Blue set to offer InfoSphere Warehouse with Optim data retention

Build a PC so small it’ll fit in a drive bay

Via's new Artigo kit opens up a world of geeky possibilities

If Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo is successful

Plus, folding wheels and poorly patched PCs

Torvalds: Microsoft is bluffing on patents

The Linux creator says Microsoft isn't serious about going after those it says violate its patents

Three ways of looking at the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

We talked to the experts to assess the impact on product lines, application development and labour demands

Problem with Network Solutions’ e-commerce product

While e-commerce may be point and click to the consumer, behind the scenes it's anything but

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for US$44.6 billion

The deal would allow Redmond to better compete with Google; Yahoo is evaluating the "unsolicited" bid

Top 5 Solution Providers to Watch: iTMethods

Learn the winning methods behind this Toronto-based managed services provider

Synology Cube Station breaks the low-end NAS wide open

The size of a paint can, the CS407 speaks almost any file sharing protocol you might think of using

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