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Acer’s bid promo

Tech Data Canada and Acer Canada partner on an exclusive promotion

Crazy for Facebook

Blogger measures traffic on Facebook and some more iPhone adventures

Death row joke died before the punch line

The moribund story of a prisoner facing execution using MySpace for a joke contest

Talking Trojan says ‘bye bye’ to victims’ data

An audio message taunts you as it deletes your hard drive

VMware Fusion goes ‘release candidate’

Enables Intel-based Mac owners to run Windows side-by-side with Mac OS X

Google expands its Code Search site

The search engine for code now indexes individual files and code snippets

Toshiba Canada goes bilingual

Vendor boasts its nine new laptops with bilingual keyboards are a Canadian first

NComputing looking to build a Canadian sales organization

Software that allows multiple users to share a single PC is popular with schools

Unwiring the enterprise

Nortel is getting ready to take its next-generation LAN portfolio to market

The dawn of the A4 printer

IDC research shows that A4 MFP printers will dominate the market soon leaving A3 printers to the wayside

Lenovo promises safe hard drive wiping

Formatting a hard drive just isn't enough to erase sensitive corporate data

Apple’s iPhone profit margin better than 50 per cent

Isuppli ripped open a US$600 iPhone to find out how much it really costs to manufacture

Death to direct?

Take it with a grain of salt, but the numbers show the distribution channel is thriving

Trend Micro debuts online partner tools

Tool helps partners remotely manage the vendor's software

LG sues world’s largest laptop PC maker over DVD patents

Quanta Computer's customers include HP and Dell

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