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Google reportedly developing rival to Apple Siri

Dubbed Google Assistant, task-oriented voice tech expected in Q4

Western Digital gets China’s nod to gobble Hitachi GST

Plus, why Google's privacy policy makes sense and the government gets its own Office 365 cloud

Cloud will create 14 million jobs by 2014

Canadian businesses are expected to be more likely to implement private cloud systems

IT’s 6-step guide to adopting consumerization

Most businesses are accepting, even embracing, consumer technology. What do they know that you don't?

IBM tops Cloud provider report

Vendor scores highly for support, billing models

Accenture senior executive bolts in an abrupt departure

No comments from Accenture on Campbell's achievements

In a twist, Anonymous supporters hit by cybercriminals

Symantec finds that cybercriminals targeted Anonymous supporters with a denial-of-service tool modified to include Zeus malware

RSA Post Mortem: IT security in a precarious spot

The industry may need increased regulation because of the cloud

Chinese Facebook clone bags Windows 8 social app first

Plus, one major U.S. government department shifts to Google Chrome, and how many mobile device users will buy an iPad 3?

Warning: you may be an e-hoarder

Some people are born e-hoarders, some are made, and others have e-hoarding thrust upon them

SAP Canada’s new channel chief outlines 2012 priorities

Mary Peterson is new to the role and wants to make a big channel push this year

Raspberry Pi’s $25 PC to be back on sale in a month

Raspberry Pi $25 and $35 PCs sold out in under an hour

Lenovo’s K2 tablet: a first look

The tablet felt lightweight and well-balanced and the display looked good for its resolution, with a noticeably minimal air-gap

Utility Company to acquire Top 100 solution provider

Two Ottawa-based companies decide to merge managed services businesses

New Microsoft SMB partner competency focuses on cloud

Plus, trouble with Siri across the pond and are mobile device users concerned with security?

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