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HP extends mobile offerings

SAN FRANCISCO – At its annual mobility summit, Hewlett Packard introduced more than a dozen products and services the company says make it easy for businesses and consumers to have always-ready mobile computing.

Tapping into the wireless zone

A good keyboard can make a big difference in preventing aching wrists. We test drive seven of the latest wireless models and find two winners

Wi-Fi poses battery and price issues

TORONTO – Employees often use their cellular phones on the job – racking up large bills for air time – but many are reluctant to use Wi-Fi phones because of their short battery life and higher cost, according to speakers at Voice on the Net Canada, an industry conference recently held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

White books: proceed with caution

It seemed like a good idea: Build laptops from components the way you build white boxes. However, despite soaring demand for notebooks, price-cutting by OEMs has put the brakes on the white books’ potential

The wireless wave

Governments are increasing their spending on mobile technologies, creating niches for system builders and integrators. Those willing to invest resources may find this area has a number of rewarding opportunities

Breaking ground with wireless

After 12 years of business in IT services, Millennium Data Systems turned to wireless IP to set itself from the rest of the pack

A true mExperience

In 2005 TrueContext made major moves. This year promises more of the same

A pleasant surprise

Tablet PCs are still a young species which have a way to go in gaining corporate acceptance. But the five units we tested offered good performance


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