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RIM’s BlackBerry 10 evaluation program is invite-only

CDN CURATED: Some 120 select customers have been tapped to participate in RIM's BB10 evaluation program

Stackable multi-touch displays provide a new way to work

The MultiTaction unit is three interactive displays in one

In five years: Computers that see, hear, touch, taste and smell

According to the scientists at IBM, in five years computers will touch, see, hear, taste and smell

Apotheker blames HP board (and Whitman) for Autonomy debacle

CDN CURATED: The former HP CEO that championed the purchase of Autonomy Plc reminds people that he didn't act alone

Infographic: What gets exposed in a data breach?

With data breaches so often in the headlines, Symantec looks at the types of information that typically get exposed

Up close and personal with BlackBerry 10 alpha

CDN CURATED: Take a sneak peek at some of the new features in RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS

Colombia’s emerging IT power

A young, tech-hungry population is driving new growth and investment in a country struggling to distance itself from its violent past

Avaya finishes in the red, but sees better times ahead

CDN CURATED: Avaya cuts its operating loss but still finishes in the hole for 2012

Microsoft makes enterprise pitch for Windows 8

CDN CURATED: Microsoft positions Windows 8 devices as enabling a more productive BYOD era

Intel launches a low-power 64-bit

OEMs building microservers, storage and networking systems with Intel's Atom processor S1200 product family

First look at Samsung All-in-One with gesture control

Samsung Canada has a new All-in-One PC that you can operate with your hand

Five new social business tips to help connect with customers

How to be human online and connect with customers in the process

BYOD inside the Microsoft store

Solution providers are free to leverage the store as a demonstration facility

Fat Bastard the Facebook App

The wine producer launches a Facebook app for Canada

Microsoft announces a new cloud channel program

Cloud Deployment program targets solution providers in the enterprise market

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