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Kinect could have been Apple’s, report says

Microsoft proved an easier partner, says PrimeSense, developer of the motion-detecting technology taking gamers by storm

Student who hacked Bill O’Reilly gets 30 months

The prosecution asked for a tougher sentence after the defendant lied about his synthetic cannabis businessrnrn

How to benefit from the cloud

Plus the future of smartphones and the iPad in the small business market

Hurd may have tipped off Jodie Fisher to EDS buy

The former actress and HP contractor made the accusation in a letter to

Danger to IE users climbs as hacker kit adds exploit

Puts pressure on Microsoft to deliver an emergency update, says security

Evernote 2.0 for Android launches Monday

The new version is the most advanced yet for Android, the Evernote CEO

Montreal security vendor looking for channel partners

MXI Security Canada to increase market presence in the encrypted USB device space

How Android conquered the mobile world in just three years

Not so long ago, no one was sure if Android would ever be relevant

The iPad stands alone

Where is the iPad's competition?

Pogoplug Biz

Pogoplug Biz lets small groups of users easily share and back up to USB storage, both locally and online

Dell’s four-year plan for the enterprise

Plus Symantec to split up? And, Apple's plan for Xserve

Microsoft: We’re more enterprise-ready than Google Apps

The company claims its Office 365 cloud platform is winning converts from Google Apps

New Cisco Flip gets audio jack

New FlipPort technology addresses the product's audio challenges

SMBs and digital marketing plans

Plus social customer experiences and the tablet market

Report: North Korea gets a new PDA

Long after falling out of fashion in other countries, a new PDA hits Pyongyang stores

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